As an organization, the Society is dedicated to promoting meaningful and long-term professional relationships between members and to providing career-development opportunities and other resources for its members to further their careers in health policy. Membership in the Society brings with it several benefits and opportunities that we are proud to provide.

Members will receive:

  • Access to all Society events including speaker panels featuring health policy experts, professional development activities, networking opportunities and community service activities;
  • Access to members-only events, including dinners with members of the Society’s Advisory Board (see link for more information) and career development opportunities including expert panels and workshops.
  • Access to our newly designed website including a full list of upcoming Society events, events outside our organization, community service activities, a resources page featuring tips on applying to jobs, health-related websites, and professional development resources;
  • Happy hours with a relaxed atmosphere to network and meet peers, prospective health policy partners, and experts in the field;
  • Discounts on memberships to health and health policy organizations and conferences;

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Payment Method Full Paid Membership: $25 a year